Tillbaka till Sharepoint

Move Sharepoint 2010 Foundation databases to other SQL Server

Om man någon gång behöver flytta Sharepoint 2010/2013 databaserna till en annan SQL server, så är det faktiskt ganska enkelt bara man följer nedanstående steg:


SQL Express server

  • Installera SP2010_SP2 pre-reqs
  • Run WU until green status
  • Install ”Farm” and choose Single Server with defaults (SQL express)
  • Create domain service account and assign it to all SP2010 and SQL services
    • Add the service account to local admin group on each server
    • Add the service account to sysadmin group in each SQL server
    • Add the service account to SP Credential Adminstration-Service Accounts:
      • Farm Account
      • Web Application Pool – Sharepoint – 80
      • Etc..
  • Run iisreset /noforce
  • Stop services

net stop ”SharePoint 2010 Administration”

net stop ”SharePoint 2010 Timer”

net stop ”SharePoint 2010 Tracing”

net stop ”SharePoint 2010 User Code Host”

net stop ”SharePoint 2010 VSS Writer”

net stop ”SharePoint Foundation Search V4

net stop ”World Wide Web Publishing Service”

iisreset /stop

  • Detach all databases and copy/move to new SQL Server


SQL Server

  • Attach all databases
  • Start services on Local server

iisreset /start

net start ”SharePoint 2010 Administration”

net start ”SharePoint 2010 Timer”

net start ”SharePoint 2010 Tracing”

net start ”SharePoint 2010 User Code Host”

net start ”SharePoint 2010 VSS Writer”

net start ”SharePoint Foundation Search V4

net start ”World Wide Web Publishing Service”


SQL Express server

  • Run cliconfg and create alias from old (Local server) to new (SQL Server)
  • In IIS make sure the service account created earlier runs on all APP-pools related to Sharepoint, in order to connect to new server (Pool\Advanced Settings\Identity)
  • If you get errors in Central Admin site, i.e. databases that are old or in compatibility mode, re-run SharePoint 2010/2013 Products Configuration Wizard.


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